Clay: a chancy act of prolonged engagement

Clay-cape-Front-w Clay-cape-back-w

Artists: Steven Allen, Jennifer Brazelton, Monique Castiaux, Natasha Dikareva, Alex Hackworth, Lori Koenig, John Richard Lloyd, Nikki Lau, Maggie Malloy, Tomoko Nakazato, Oli Quezada, Bar Shacterman, Tiffany Schmierer

SMAart Gallery & Studio is pleased to present the third annual group exhibit curated by artist/curator Maggie Malloy.

Curator’s Statement: Making art is chancy; it doesn’t mix well with predictability.  Uncertainty and risk-taking for the artist is the essential, inevitable companion to desire in making art. ‘Making’; is a process that tells the artist what they are thinking, hearing, and having it make sense. It is a process of constantly going back & forth, doubting and testing. Doubt is a form of intelligence. It becomes feedback of the vision. What the artist know about their current work is contained in the last work. Fingerprints are all over the work and trace the willingness to embrace the obstacle of uncertainties. The chancy act of prolonged engagement often becomes the artist’s statement.

Exhibition: July 1– 26, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday July 3rd, 6-9pm
Closing Reception: Saturday July 26th, 5-7pm
Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat 11:30am – 5:30pm

Closed July 4th & 5th– for the 4th of July Holiday

Part of the  Lower Polk /// TL Art Walk